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“The dream of flying…Can now be a reality” at the Discovery Place in The Scientific Center Kuwait

October 11th, 2009

The Scientific Center Kuwait proudly opened its first of many Travelling Exhibits entitled Flight! under the patronage of Sheikh Ahmed Al Abdullah Al Ahmed Al Sabah, Minister of Oil and Minister of Information on October 11, 2009 at 10:00am at the Discovery Place.

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Education, several oil companies, airlines, the Civil Aviation in Kuwait and students from various schools attended the opening.

Mr. Mijbil Almutawa, Chairman and Managing Director of The Scientific Center gave a speech, as well as Dr. Per-Edvin Persson, Director of Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre, which is where the Flight! exhibit originated. Guests were taken on a tour of the exhibits, which includes 17 interactive stations in the space of 460 square meters, ranging from testing your piloting skills, to learning about present day aviation and air traffic.

The exhibits will be at the Discovery Place until April 10, 2010.

The Flight! exhibits might aptly be subtitled: “The first 100 years of aviation”. Inspired by the effortless gliding of gulls and the annual marathons of migratory birds, man has always dreamt of flight. From Leonardo’s drawings, through experiments with kites and gliders, came the breakthrough of those meticulous engineers- the Wright Brothers. This exhibit pays homage to the pioneers, and then skips through the 20th century to set summer-holiday flights and daily airport operations in their technical and social context.

Test yourself at the Flight! Exhibits in Discovery Place to see if you have what it takes to be a pilot; including vision tests, co-ordination tests and more!

The exhibit contains three main areas: Fly A: The dream of flying, Fly B: On the wing-The physics of flying, and Fly C: Present day and air traffic.

Entry ticket to Discovery Place:- Adults KD 2/- & Child KD 1.500

For more details please visit www.tsck.org.kw or call 1848888.

Microsoft steps into free AV market

October 9th, 2009

Microsoft’s release of its free Security Essentials product this week sparked the expected barrage of views and opinions from all angles, from those hailing the release as the end of the AV industry to those slating the free product as inadequate and pointless.

The new release is designed as a pared-down, free-for-all replacement for the now defunct OneCare, and is intended to mitigate the global malware epidemic by providing protection to those least likely to have a solution in place. Users on lower incomes and in developing nations are hoped to be among those taking advantage of the free product, and its introduction should, its makers claim, reduce the number of infected systems pumping out spam and malicious attacks around the world. It is also hoped that the release will reduce the danger of ‘rogue AV’ scareware, which targets unprotected users in its attempts to con victims into installing its paid-for software, a threat currently rife on the internet.

While many have suggested that the appearance of Security Essentials on the scene may herald the demise of existing free-for-home-use solutions from the likes of AVG, Alwil (avast!), and Avira (AntiVir), and indeed the rest of the AV industry, others have pointed out the likelihood of healthy competition in the free AV market bringing increasing sophistication to these free products, while also encouraging those who have tried out free solutions to move up to more complete, full-featured products.

The suggestion that it will provide protection for the downtrodden masses has been countered with the argument that those with the urge to install free security have had plenty of options for some time, while those in less developed states, who are likely to be a major part of the botnet problem, are also likely to be running unofficial, unvalidated copies of Windows, which are not supported by the new Microsoft protection offering.

Initial reviews of the product have been generally favourable, with praise for its simple, pared-down design and usability, unobtrusive system impact and decent detection levels. The fact that the product shares a core engine and detection with Microsoft’s corporate Forefront product – which has shown steady improvement in independent tests in recent years as Microsoft continues to invest in its security lines – bodes well for the product’s static detection abilities.

However, some commentators have criticised the apparent absence of advanced features such as dynamic detection, with one Symantec representative describing the solution as ‘behind the times’ after a set of test results showed Norton providing superior protection. Microsoft responded by insisting the product does include some sophisticated behavioural monitoring and reputation-based technology, and suggested that the solution is only intended as a component in an in-depth, multi-layer security regime.

“It seems unlikely that this release will revolutionise the security world the way some people have been suggesting,” said John Hawes, Technical Consultant at Virus Bulletin. “People aren’t going to stop investing in quality security suites with firewalls, intrusion prevention, spam filters and parental controls just because there’s another free bare-bones product available. However, with Microsoft’s marketing weight behind it, it should hopefully find its way onto some of those untold millions of unprotected systems out there – it should provide decent protection for them and stop their systems spamming and attacking the rest of us. If Microsoft change their mind about not letting it run on pirated copies of Windows, it would make an even bigger difference.”

Reported on Virus Bulletin

Scientific Center Kuwait is pleased to announce opening of the FLIGHT Exhibit on 11th Oct, 2009 at 10:00 am

October 8th, 2009
FLIGHT Exhibit - Scientific Center Kuwait

FLIGHT Exhibit - Scientific Center Kuwait

The Scientific Center Kuwait is pleased to announce the opening of the FLIGHT Exhibit on 11th Oct, 2009 at 10:00 am under the patronage of Sheikh Ahmed Al Abdullah Al Ahmed Al Sabah, Minister of Oil and Minister of Information.

The 17 different stations will be available in the Discovery Place at TSCK! This section can be aptly called the “First 100 years of aviation” as it pays homage to the pioneers. Also aspiring pilots can know if they can be one; music lovers get a chance to enjoy the jukebox filled with music related to flight and young researchers will be able to understand the physics of flying….

Thus the DREAM OF FLYING….. Can now be a reality!!

The FLIGHT Exhibit will be open to public on 11th Oct, 2009 at 12:30 noon.