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Windows 8 and bundling: What a difference a decade makes

March 2nd, 2012

Or are you just an ignorant Microsoft troll?
“Consider Apple: They have a 100% monopoly on hardware that can (legally) run their OS, even though there is nothing proprietary or unique about their laptop desktop hardware other than a deliberately engineered motherboard function created to “prevent piracy” of their OS which then allowed them to use a clause in the DMCA to sue competitors out of existence (e.g. Pystar).

Psystar was making their own copies of OS X, I.E. pirating Apple’s software. You would complain if I started making, and selling copies of Windows, so stop being a hypocrite.

“They ship their OS with apps for email, calendar, internet, chat, video conferencing, etc. preinstalled. Why? Should they not be bound by the same rules as Microsoft, especially considering that they have a far greater monopoly on the Mac market than Microsoft ever had over the PC market”
The second Apple comes close to being as anti-competitive as Microsoft, they will deserve it. To date Apple has not done anything anti-competitive, if you compare them to Microsoft. Apple has never threatened an OEM with their livelyhood, nor has Apple sent Jack-booted storm troopers in to shut a business down. Microsoft has historically threatened their customers (IBM, HP, etc), and if you google it, you’ll find that Microsoft sent jsack booted storm troopers in to shut down Erny Ball. Microsoft has also used proxies to start FUD campaigns (SCO, and now the Patent Troll Mosaid). So while you wave your Microsoft pom-poms just remember how much better things could have been, with out the Monopolist abusing their customers.